Welcome to the 2021/22 season. Things have begun to get underway at the rink with competitive try outs which means recreation evaluations aren’t far behind. Attached is the current schedule for U11-U15 evaluations. If you’re new to the recreation program and are curious what the evaluation process is and the purpose, we have coaches score the players 1-10 using our Team Genius software. This isn’t a try out but a way to rate players to make sure teams are balanced as best as possible for a positive experience for everyone. Groupings will be sent by Tuesday night on which exact ice time is for your child. If you have a need for your player to ideally be on a team this season with a certain player please notify me ASAP, please note these are requests and not guarantees. Requests received after evaluations will be denied due to team balancing and the process of teams being picked in motion. Please thoroughly read the below information on vaccine rules for hockey this season. This information will also be posted on the website.

Evaluation Jerseys 

Please ensure that your child has their Black/White reversible jersey with them and that if they are not wearing it, they know the number that is on the jersey.  This is the number that is being used in the evaluation software.  If you ordered a new one prior to the July 31st date and you have not picked it up after being contacted, I will have it at the rink.   It is important to note that we have assumed that the jersey from last year is the one being worn.   If your child is new to TASA and doesn't have one, if you come a few minutes early, I can assign a jersey.    If you think you need a jersey and you didn’t order it prior to July 31st – please email [email protected] with your information.  The cost of the jersey is $35 and payment can be etransferred  to [email protected]


Process for SMC - Players (First Session)

Players will be able to enter the arena 30 minutes prior to the start of the ice time.  Once they enter, they will following this process: 


  1. Enter the arena through the front entrance and go to check-in desk.  Players do not need to show the rink proof of vaccination to enter.
  2. If they are eligible to be vaccinated, they MUST show proof of vaccination to the person doing the check-in.  Without this, they will not be able to enter.  Once we view it one time for the players, they will not need to show it.  Please DO NOT email any vaccination information to TASA.  We will VIEW only.
  3. Once they have checked in, they will enter the doors to the dressing rooms and someone will be setup to confirm Jersey Numbers and to adjust jerseys as required.  They cannot enter the dressing room unless they have confirmed their jersey number. 

4.       If a parent is required to tie skates or assist the player, the can do so in the hallway.  Parents will not be allowed in the dressing room. 

  1. Once in the dressing room, their mask must stay on at all times until their helmet goes on or comes off.  There are NO exceptions to this. 


Process for Evaluations – Spectators 

SMC will be doing the vaccination check for all spectators.  You will need proof of vaccination AND ID.  This includes children over 12 who are spectators.  Spectators are allowed in 15 minutes before the ice time and there are currently no spectator limits.   There is NO outside food or drink allowed in the arena.   


Matt Slaunwhite

VP Recreational Hockey


Recreation Evaluations 2021/22


As our recreation evaluation sessions will be starting shortly, please take the time to review THIS DOCUMENT regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations


Saturday October 16th Session #1 Group 1 8:00-9:00AM (Smith Ice)

Saturday October 16th Session #1 Group 2 9:00-10:00AM (Smith Ice)

Sunday October 17th Session #2 Group 1 2:15-3:15PM (Fountain Ice)

Sunday October 17th Session #2 Group 2 3:15-4:15PM (Fountain Ice)



Saturday October 16th Session #1 Group 1 10:00-11:00AM (Smith Ice)

Saturday October 16th Session #1 Group 2 11:00-12:00PM (Smith Ice)

Monday October 18th Session #2 Group 1 5:45-6:45PM (Fountain Ice)

Monday October 18th Session #2 Group 2 6:45-7:45PM (Fountain Ice)



Friday October 15th Session #1 Group 1 7:00-8:00PM (Smith Ice)

Friday October 15th Session #1 Group 2 8:00-9:00PM (Smith Ice)

Monday October 18th Session #2 Group 1 7:45-8:45PM (Fountain Ice)

Monday October 18th Session #2 Group 2 8:45-9:45PM (Fountain Ice)