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2022/2023 TASA AGM Awards


Thank you to all who were in attendance for the 2022/2023 TASA Minor Hockey Annual General Meeting on Thursday May 25, 2023. We are thrilled to announce and showcase the recipients of the TASA Annual Awards. They are:


Most Improved Official – Glen DiPersio

J.M Blais Most Deserving Official Award – Nick McIntyre

Competitive Coach of the Year – Rick Bennett

Competitive Manager of the Year – Laura Robichaud

U9 Coach(s) of the Year – Chuck Linney & Alex Henry

U9 Manager of the Year – Katie Fairweather

Recreation Coach of the Year – Martin LaPointe

Recreation Manager of the Year – Karen Graham

Trevor Butler Memorial Awards – Colby Harlow, Tyler Harlow, and P.J MacLean

Dan Dyer Volunteer of the Year Award – Dylan Paplinskie

Pearson Richardson Volunteer of the Year Award – Doug Killam

Victor Shea Dad of the Year Award – J.J Doyle

Janet Purcell Mom of the Year Award – Raya Hackett

 Dan Dyer Volunteer of the Year Award Trevor Butler Memorial Award 2 Trevor Butler Memorial Award Recreation Coach and Manager of the Year U9 Manager of the Year Most Improved Official Victor Shea Dad of the Year Award Comp Coach of the Year 

May 26, 2023

2022/2023 Executive Reports


2022-2023 TASA Presidents Report

 The 2022-2023 season has concluded with a very successful year.  As we all know, the previous two years have been very challenging with the pandemic, making this our first in-person AGM being held in three years.

Luckily, the season was for the most part, a normal year of hockey.  Our pre-season development sessions began in September, followed by our tryouts and evaluations in October.  Included in changes that Hockey Nova Scotia made during the pandemic and will continue,  is the date for tryouts.  Tryouts for U13-AAA, U15-AA and U18-AA can begin on September 15th with all other divisions on October 1st.  This season, we did not run sessions during Thanksgiving weekend, which was met with mixed reviews.

TASA had 840 players, 18 competitive teams, 15 recreation teams, 8 Under-9 teams and 4 Under-7 groups.  TASA has a very successful season, including both the TASA Fall Classic and the U18-AA Provincials.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Heidi Baillie, our Tournament Coordinator, who spends countless hours, to ensure the Fall Classic continues to be a success.  Going forward, we will require help with the tournament for its continued success.  I would also like to thank the U18AA Provincial Tournament Committee for the work they did.  It was an experience the U18-AA players will not forget.

TASA is very fortunate to have Kyle MacDonald, our Technical Director.  Again, this season, Kyle held several programs, which were a great success and well attended.  TASA also welcomed Ben Meisner as our Goalie Coordinator, to work with our goaltenders in the association.  The number of goaltenders in the association is still a concern so we must work to encourage players to look at the position. 

As well as Goalie Coordinator, Ben has been doing inspirational talks with sports teams, schools, universities, etc. for the last five years.  The theme of the talks is Mental Health, Racism, Diversity, Inclusion and Bullying.  We held mandatory meetings for all TASA teams (players, coaches and parents) from Under-11 to Under-18.  The response from the meetings was overwhelmingly positive.  As an association, we also ordered stickers for all players, “Ducks Against Racism” and well as posters to be posted through St. Margaret’s Centre.  TASA will continue to work on these initiatives in the upcoming season.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers for the time they give of themselves to ensure our association runs as smoothly as it does.  Without you, we would not have our association. Our year was a great success, but not without challenges.  We must do a better job of respecting coaches, managers, officials and other parents. 

I would also like to thank Stacy Doyle, our Fundraising Coordinator, who will not be returning to the executive.  Stacy was instrumental in setting up Raffle Box, which is a great initiative in assisting costs for player registration.

To all TASA families, have a great summer!!

 Mary-Lou Paetznick - TASA Minor Hockey President


2022-2023 TASA Technical Director's Report

 Our goal every year within TASA is to continue to find ways to make the hockey experience a positive one for our kids, volunteers, and the coaches. Each time a player comes to the rink we want it to be best experience of their day or week. We will continue to keep this as our goal when implementing player development programs, and coach development opportunities.

 Development Programs 

TASA continues to provide a variety of different to camps to our players of all different skill levels. It has been our goal to offer TASA players not only additional development opportunities, but quality camps that allow for improvement. We want to establish a high standard within the camps where participants have a positive experience and build a strong skill base. Hockey is a difficult sport and if we want to achieve our goal of making it a positive experience for kids it is important to over-emphasize the fundamental skills in the game. These camps are open to players of all different skill levels. 

Below is a list of camps offered last season:


Pre-season Camps: Power Skating; Position Specific (Forward, Defence, & Goaltending)

 In-season Camps: September Development Camp (3-week camp prior to competitive tryouts); Power skating and Puck skills.

Spring Camp: This season we ran a 6-week skill development camp for U9-U18. The camp structure was practice 2x per week and 1 game.

 U7 Spring Development Camp: We offered a 6-week camp for our U7 group which focused on developing and refining the basic skills of the game.

 TASA Checking Clinic: We hosted this camp in the beginning April for all players moving into the U15 level next season. After the completion of this camp players were giving certification to participate in checking hockey at the U15 level. For those who missed the clinic, should check the neighboring associations to attend. If there are no clinics available, we can offer a clinic in the fall prior to competitive tryouts.


Coach Development 

Each year we do our best to provide our coaches with learning opportunities and equip them with resources to help with practices. The association purchased a subscription for each coach to a great online coaching resource called Ice hockey Systems.

Whenever we provide learning opportunities or resources for use, we are mindful that many of our volunteer coaches are parents and live busy lives. We want to provide coach education opportunities that are respectful of their time, and easy to access. Our goal from the association level is to create consistency in what our coaches are teaching, and how they teach it. Coach education can help us achieve this.  

We continued to offer on-line versions of presentations on different topics for coaches to watch at their own convenience, and along with some recommended drills that go along with each presentation to implement into their own practices. This past season coaches accessed a presentation on Maximizing Player Development by Roger Grillo, Director of Player Development for USA Hockey. He spoke on 5 essential elements of a good practice and ways to deliver skating that is hidden to the players. Coaches also received a presentation on Developing Defence by Bob Caldwell. This was the same presentation from Hockey Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) instructional stream on Developing D 1. Our coach development opportunities will continue to complement and align with our goal of over-emphasizing the fundamental skills of the game. Our Goalie Development Coordinator, Ben Meisner delivered an on-ice presentation to coaches on best practices for coaching our goaltenders.

In addition, we partnered with a few other neighboring associations to offer an out of season virtual coaching conference at the end of May. Below is the list of speakers and their topics:

·       Danny MacKinnon, Pittsburgh Penguins Elite Hockey Director – Culture and Team Building.

·       Danny Heath, Project Hockey – Importance of Angling

·       Corey McNabb, Hockey Canada – Maximizing Weekly Practice Time & Seasonal Planning

·       Andrew Paris, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic – Adding Inclusion to Your Game Plan

·       Scott Gouthro, Cape Breton Eagles Goalie Coach – Effective Coaching of Goalies

·       Andrew Brewer, Florida Panthers Video Coach – Effective Use of Video as a Teaching Tool.

Lastly, getting out and running practices for teams, and talking hockey with the coaches is always the best part of aiding our coaches within TASA. 

Kyle MacDonald

Technical Director

TASA Minor Hockey



TASA U7 Report 2022/23

 As children and youth returned to restriction-free activities this year, our U7 (Under 7) hockey program was back in full swing. In September 2022, registration numbers were at approximately 153; over the period, many participated in local and away Jamborees and Moosehead Intermissions.  

At the start of the season, we ran our evaluations differently than in previous years. It was highly beneficial to place players in assigned colored jerseys and in the electronic evaluation system. Not only for the volunteers completing evaluations but the purpose of tracking scores. The process was organized, and I encourage doing the same moving forward.  

Our 2022-2023 season could only have been run with our coaching staff's dedication and commitment, especially our head coaches. Weekly these four coaches developed plans and organized practices. The time and detail you put into this did not go unnoticed. Thank you. We also experienced new safety rules that posed a bit challenging given our number of players. However, our four safety reps and four parent helpers made it seamless. To them, we are all grateful.  

As a first-time Vice President in the association, there was a significant learning curve. As a result, there are many things I will attempt to do differently next year, including division directors, team bank accounts, evaluation pennies, and the encouragement of teamlinkt for communication - beneficial to both families' and coaches' development plans. I would also encourage a parenting meeting early in the season, as for many families, U7 is one's first experience in hockey, and the expectations could have been more explicit.  

Thanks to all the parents who arose each weekend morning with no snowstorm cancelations. We understand the challenge this can pose, especially with multiple players in multiple sports. Nevertheless, at the end of the season, we look back and see how happy our players are and how far their skills have come. We will look at those Timbit photos someday and think, "remember when." I promise you it will go by fast.  

To Kyle MacDonald, thank you. We immensely appreciate the time given to our youth and for helping coach U7 throughout the season. Furthermore, thanks to everyone working in a volunteer position within our association. It is incredible how much time and work goes on behind the scenes.   

Finally, to all our four, five, and six-year-old players, I hope you had a wonderful experience, made new friendships, made many and saved many goals, and returned to play in the 2023-2024 season.  

   Karen Carey - TASA U7 VP


TASA U9 Report 2022/23

I was really excited to start U9 this year without Covid restrictions and to get in a 'normal' year of hockey for the kids. This age group is an exciting time as it's where kids are grouped on one team for the year and they start regular, half ice games. 

 U9 was made up of 142 kids. We had 2 development teams, 4 intermediate teams and 2 advancing teams. There were many jamborees/tournaments attended which included some travel within Nova Scotia for some teams. Full ice games started mid February and it was fun to watch the kids learn even more about the game. The option to try goalie full or part time also starts in U9. 

 The year wouldn't be successful without the incredible volunteers: coaches, managers, treasurers, safety reps, time keepers and so many others who chip in to make U9 a great experience for the kids. 

 TASA's Technical Director Kyle MacDonald spent an incredible amount of time with the U9 teams. He provided drills, support during practices, and his collaboration helps further develop the great coaches we have at TASA. 

 TASA had a goalie coordinator this year and Ben Meisner spent time working with our young goalies.  It was great to watch goalies get some goalie specific attention. 

 Good luck to the kids that move to U11! I look forward to seeing the kids staying in U9 and I welcome the kids coming from U7. 

 Thanks to all for a great year!

 King Regards,

 Karen Paplinskie - TASA U9 VP

TASA Competitive Report 2022/23

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our team of volunteers for the job they do. While our overall performance as an association was strong this season, hockey is much more than a game. It cultivates friendships, work ethic, commitment, teamwork, responsibility, and leadership to name but a few. While these traits are inherent in the game, they are reflected in and by our coaches and managers and for that, on behalf of the players and executives of TASA MHA, I thank you.

Tryouts had over 380 kids competing for teams. TASA MHA competitive division consisted of 18 teams, 310 players and over 100 volunteers between U11 and U18 hockey. TASA had success in all divisions for the 2022/23 season. Of the 18 competitive teams, 6 made it to the semi-finals for CMH, 2 teams made it to the CMH championship game, U15 B Black lost a heartbreaker in the finals, U18 AA won the Championship.


TASA U13 AAA team played again in the Nova Scotia U13 AAA league. TASA again was successful in the league and made it to the Finals at Provincials. Congratulations to the players, coaches, and parents on a great Provincial tournament.  Congratulations to Blake Boutilier being named All-star Defence and Carter Odell being named All-star Forward.    

TASA U15 AA participated in their Provincials making it to the semi-finals.  Congratulations to all players, coaches, and parents on a successful showing at Provincials.  Congratulations to Tanner Clarke being named first team All-star Goalie, Aiden Broderick being named first team All-star Forward, Sebastien Muise being named second team All-star Forward and Seamus MacKay being named second team All-star Defence.

TASA U18 AA hosted the Provincials, making it to the Finals.  Congratulations to all players, coaches, and parents on a successful Provincials.  Congratulations to Tye Bentley being named Top Goalie, Ryan Gorman being named Top Forward, Tristan Penny as Top Scorer, Spenser Mansfield being named All-star Forward and Ryan Rowe being named All-star Defence.

We all know it is not the scoreboard to ultimately determine overall success in minor hockey, but it is an indicator we can use to determine how we are doing competitively in each division.  Although our player numbers are on the rise, the biggest concern this past year was the number of goalies in the association. While our goalie numbers did increase this past season, the goalie position is still an area we need to keep an eye on moving forward.  As an association we will continue to promote the goalie position.   

TASA continues the push to provide high end development for all players.  This is evident in the number of teams we have in all divisions and the success they are having.    

I would also like to recognize Kyle MacDonald, Technical Director for TASA, and Ben Meisner, TASA Goalie Coordinator for the job they did this past year. The effort they made to ensure that they were on the ice with all teams throughout the year was seen in not only the success of the teams but also in the development of the players and coaches.

I personally would like to thank everyone for their support over the past year and I look forward to seeing everyone around the rink.


Kevin Baillie - Competitive VP, TASA MHA


TASA Recreation Report 2022/23

It was great to return to normality this season and have everyone back in the arenas. This season we iced 15 teams from U11 to U23(4 U11, 4 U13, 3 U15, 3 U18 and U23) in the recreation program. We had 7 teams attend the championship weekend. We had some great games and brought home 4 banners. For U13 Tasa Ducks Gold and U15 Tasa Ducks represented TASA and MMHL at the inter-city championship versus the Dartmouth league.  

 Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the season successful. The hockey season cannot be successful without team staff efforts. Hope to see everyone next season. 

 Thank you, 

Mathew Slaunwhite  - TASA Recreation VP 




May 22, 2023