Welcome new and returning Ducks to the Recreation program!


Start date for evaluations will be released later. Dates and groupings will be posted here and emailed out.


As many may not be aware of how the recreation evaluation process works, I would like to take a moment to break it down. To clarify this is not a form of tryouts, everyone will be assigned to a team.

At each level, players will participate in two ice sessions to play a scrimmage. During these scrimmages players will be assessed and given a score from 1-10. This score is based on overall gameplay and ability. If a player cannot attend, the coaches, with guidance of Recreation VP and the Technical Director, will assign a proper score based on the players ability.

Players released from competitive tryouts will be assigned to a group if sessions are already in process.

Once scores are assigned to all players, they will be utilized to pick teams. The primary goal while selecting teams is to ensure teams are balanced as best as possible to ensure a fair season ahead for all levels of skill. We do try to accommodate requests to be with a friend. We cannot accommodate all but will make all effort possible. If you have a request, please email [email protected]. Requests need to be received before the end of the last ice session for your age group.