New Members


New Members:  All new members must contact the registrar at [email protected]   The following documentation is required for new members to register.  The Parent Declaration Form is only required for members transferring from another association.  If you have not played with another association, the Parent Declaration Form in not required.  

Required Documentation for New Members

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Proof of residence (Provincial issued document such as license)
  • NS Health Card number
  • Parent Declaration Form (any members transferring from another association must complete this form)

Registration will not be processed without all required documentation.


Only players who reside within TASA boundaries are able to register with TASA Minor Hockey.  The boundaries are as follows:

Starting at/beginning at a point where Ingram River meets the ocean, then following the river in a northerly direction until it intersects with the Halifax County line. It then follows along the county line until it reaches the eastern end of Pockwock Lake.  From this point, it runs westerly until it intersects the power lines, and from here it follows the power lines until it intersects at 1251 Lucasville Road.  We then follow the Lucasville Road through the intersection of Hammonds Plains Road, in a straight line westerly to Cranberry Lake.  From Carnberry Lake in a straight line southeast to the intersection of the St. Margaret's Bay Road and Prospect Road.

In June 2009, an agreement was made between Chebucto and TASA whereby the vicinity around the Williams Lake Road, to extend and include the vicinity around Prospect Road, as far as the bridge at the center of Shad Bay (start of Bayside), would belong to Chebucto Minor Hockey.

Effective June 1, 2009

  • A child born in 2004 or later must register within the area affected.
  • An exception will be made if a child is born in 2004, or later, and has an older sibling that is already registered in TASA and the family wishes to continue in TASA.

On behalf of TASA Minor Hockey, we are looking forward to another great season of hockey with our TASA Ducks!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the registrar at [email protected]