Travel Permit Procedures


Game/Travel Permits


Permits are required to be obtained by all teams (competitive, recreation and U9) for any game that is played outside the regular schedule, including all exhibition games and tournaments.

Permits are requested through the HCR.   Any member of the Bench Staff is able to request a permit by going to their “My Account” in the HCR and clicking on the travel permit option.   Once you have filled out all mandatory information, you have the option to submit, or submit later, whichever you prefer.

Joselyn Legge, Regional Director for Halifax West, approves permits for our zone.  If possible, please give two weeks notice to have a permit approved. 

Permit numbers are required for all exhibition and tournament games by the officials before any game can be played.  Some tournaments will require a hard copy of your permit, so it is advised to print your permit, if possible.

If you attend a tournament outside of Nova Scotia and do not use Gray Jay, you must forward a copy of your game sheets to Joselyn Legge, Regional Director, at [email protected], within 5 days of the conclusion of your tournament.

*** If you have any questions, contact Mary-Lou Paetznick at [email protected] ***