Interim Travel Permit Procedures


To: All HNS Minor Hockey Associations, Team Managers, Coaches.

From: Hockey Nova Scotia Minor Council

Date: October 6, 2021 

RE: Interim Travel Permit Procedures 


Hello everyone, 

As we navigate through the new Hockey Canada Registry 3.0, there are some functions that are not readily accessible to users.  One of those is travel permits.

 We have been told by Hockey Canada that the permit function should be available by the first part of November, therefore, in the interim we need to remain recording all of our games to satisfy HC Insurance requirements.

 This pertains to ALL NON-LEAGUE GAMES ONLY. For those teams that play in leagues, a seasonal travel permit will still be provided and is not included within this communication.

 For all other games, for ALL TEAMS, including exhibition (home or away), tournaments, etc., an email will need to be sent to the local Regional Director ( [email protected]) by a team rep which is to include the information below. All permits requested will be considered to be approved, unless notified by the Regional Director.


The following info is to be included with the permit request: 

Team name

Name, Level and Division of team playing against

Time and Date of Game



Bedford U13AAA

Truro U13AAA

11:00 am October 22


We recognize the inconvenience of this method and as soon as the HCR is able to process permits, that information will be communicated to you all.

 Thank you for your cooperation and patience, and all that you do for minor hockey.


Brian Wentzell

Chair, Hockey Nova Scotia Minor Council


*** If you have any questions, contact Mary-Lou Paetznick at [email protected] ***